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Asphalt Pavement Systems
Today’s increasing budget constraints require that all property owners perform more work with less money. Historically, the emphasis of asset managers was to full-depth replacement of existing paving systems with but the new focus is on maintaining and preserving existing pavement surfaces. This shift has resulted in three types of pavement maintenance operations:

  • Preventive Maintenance: Performed to improve or extend the functional life of a pavement. It is a strategy of surface treatments and operations intended to retard progressive failures and reduce the need for routine maintenance and service activities.

  • Corrective Maintenance: Performed after a deficiency occurs in the pavement, such as loss of friction, moderate to severe rutting, or extensive cracking. May also be referred to as “reactive” maintenance.

  • Emergency Maintenance: Performed during an emergency situation, such as a blowout or severe pothole that needs repair immediately. This also describes temporary treatments designed to hold the surface together until more permanent repairs can be performed.

Ultimately, once the system has failed, BTC will perform subsurface investigations and traffic analysis as required to design the best long-term replacement strategy for your parking areas

  1. Asphalt defect
  2. Asphalt Geo
  3. Asphalt - new
  4. Pavement System Schematic