Building Technologies Consulting Inc. (BTC Group)
Leak Responder TM
Are you experiencing a roof leak? Allow us to resolve the issue for you!

Please fill out this form and BTC will vet the leak call and dispatch qualified and certified technicians to protect your investment.  Failure to do so can void roofing warranties, result in large scale failure of the roofing system, cause damage to building interior and structures, even lead facility closure or failure.

  • 24 HR Emergency Call centre 1-855-292-4822 (all hours) or click here
  • Emergency Leak Service requests
  • Roof, Windows, Foundations

BTC will respond to site within 24 hours* of all leak calls and provide a written report and invoice within 7 days.  Our response team’s first priority is public safety and stopping the leak to the interior.  If a permanent repair cannot be completed during the emergency response within the NTE limit, BTC will provide a quote for additional work as required.

*response times may vary in rural areas, or during major storm events
1. Is the leak currently active?
2. How severe is the leak? (ex. Contained by buckets or has this area been evacuated, etc).
3. When did the leak start and how long has it been ongoing?
4. Where is water infiltrating? (Resident suite #, roof/building area, etc).
5. What is the Not To Exceed (NTE) limit of expenditures for this dispatch (min $500, recommended $1,250)?
FACILITY ADDRESS (please include store number and common name)
CONTACT PERSON ON SITE (if different than above; please include Name & Number)