Building Technologies Consulting Inc. (BTC Group)
Leak Responder TM
Managed Emergency Leak Service
Are your emergency leak repairs being performed by licensed, qualified and insured contractors? 
Are you getting engineers to assess the snow load on your roof?
 Is a qualified person reviewing and vetting your emergency repair invoices, making sure the repairs are complete, maintain warranties, and billed fairly and accurately? 

If not, you need BTC’s Managed Emergency Leak Service will quickly stop your leaks, reducing disruptions to building occupants, damage to interior finishes, and extending the life of your roof and building envelope.  BTC is the only engineering firm in Canada with a dedicated Emergency Leak Service team to ensure prompt and professional service.
Case Study #1 – National Client (300 + properties across Canada)

In 2016, this Owner spent approximately $1.8M on over 1300 emergency leak dispatches.  BTC’s managed emergency service team  reduced their expenditures by screening out over 100 plumbing leak calls that would have gone to roofing contractors, adjusted snow removal requests based on actual engineering calculations, re-routed leak calls for work covered under warranty, and combined repairs to reduce contractor fees. 

Thanks to our dedicated team and our managed approach, the Owner saved over $800,000 in unnecessary expenditures, far exceeding the fees paid to BTC to manage the portfolio.
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