Building Technologies Consulting Inc. (BTC Group)
Leak Responder TM
Roof Inspection/Forensic Assessments
  1. RCA - BUR
  2. RCA - SBS
  3. Cut Test
BTC Group is an independent consulting engineering firm with no affiliation with material manufacturer’s or contractors.  As such, we can provide unbiased opinions on the current condition of your roofing system, and multiple repair/replacement options to meet your budgetary requirements.

The Inspection services BTC provides to evaluate roof systems include:
  • Attic investigations and ventilation calculations for code compliance
  • Wind uplift design compliance
  • Roof Anchor testing and certification
  • Electronic leak detection by Field Vector mapping
  • Non Destructive Impedance Moisture Meter surveys
  • Infra-Red (IR) thermographic investigation
  • sUAS (drone) investigations – visual and IR
  • Destructive testing (sometimes we just have to go look at the components)